Monday, August 13, 2012

Till The End I will be with You. You will Always be my Best Friends.

I want to take a moment of my time (since I'm waiting on my route to print at work) to share with the world some things on my mind. Mainly my friends. I have many friends who I can talk to, but I have a few (or more than a few) extra special ones I am particularly close to. I have friends that I have known forever, and friends I have known no more than a few years. You would think that the people I've known all my life I would be the closest to, but in reality, I have developed the strongest bonds with the friends that I haven't known as long.

I've known one of my best friends forever, but we aren't as close as we used to be. We don't see each other as often as I would like to, but even so, we can still text each other and immediately pick up from the last time we talked. I've accepted that she has a close group of friends that she enjoys to hang out with and that one person probably isn't as much fun as a group of people. So I continue to talk to her when the time comes, and even if she doesn't feel like an important part of my life, I hope that she knows she is. She's one of the people I would come to if she was in need and if I were to get married, I would invite her to my wedding. She will always be my very first best friend, and has been for nearly 20 years.

Now the friends I've only known for about 3 or 4 years, they are some of my closest friends that I can talk with about pretty much anything. The funny thing is that they are all from my rival high school. We met in our church's youth group and ever since then we've been particularly close. We try to be there for each other whenever we can and can always tell when something is wrong with each other. We're also supportive of each other in all that we do. We also sit with each other every Sunday at church, and get together every Thursday for a Bible study with some other people from the church about our age. If we don't have Bible study that night, then we use the time in that evening to hang out at the local coffee shop. We also go out to dinner and a movie every so often. It's nice to be able to unwind from the week and just have a good time and talk about life with each other in a close and trusting circle of friends. I wouldn't trade these people for the world, and they are the ones I would want to be with me if I were to get married. They are my extended family.

Now being in a sorority, I have many people who stand out as some of my closest friends. There are a few in particular that I would like to highlight in my life. These people are all super nice, friendly, and helpful to me and others when we are in a state of depression or when I just need someone to talk to. They talk to me about their lives and we discuss our favorite TV show and fangirl about it. They come talk to me if I am in a bad situation with another person whom they are also very close to. And, they give me a place to visit if I need to get away. My sorority sisters are like another kind of extended family that is slightly different than my close friends, but no less important. I've been through so many things with these girls and whether they were good or bad, I wouldn't have missed being there with them for the world.

There is also a certain sorority sister who I am particularly close to, as we have been to hell and back with each other. It wasn't the most expected or typical relationship, but it was meant to be. We have been close since the first time I stalked her and hung out in her room till like 3am every night. We have been thorough one of the toughest times we may ever come across in her life, but in the end everything was as it should be. We may drive each other up the wall and have fights about things that end up just being misunderstandings, after we finally talk about them, but that doesn't compare to how much we care about each other.I never want to lose her, or our relationship as sisters and friends. I honestly can't imagine my life without this person because she is my mentor, my friend, my sister, my caretaker, my role model, and most importantly, she's my Big,

Each one of these people have touched my life in a different way, and I hope they all know that they are loved and cherished by myself. They are some of the best people in the world and if you don't know them personally like I do, then you are missing out on something pretty amazing.

~Amanda <3 <3