Monday, March 26, 2012

Once Upon a Time....

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She was like any other little girl. She liked playing pretend, coloring and drawing, and using her imagination. But she didn't have any friends. Her "best friend" would say that they should play together, and they did a few times, but if something better came up she went to that instead. This left the poor little girl sad and alone. With no one to really call her a friend, she mostly played with her sister. But it is difficult to see someone everyday and not get into a arguments or fights with them, so when the annoyances would build up enough, they would have to be apart from each other for a little while. 

The little girl was left out of the lunch table in the cafeteria, and with nowhere else to go she would just sit with the teacher who was on duty and the special needs kids. This was okay once she got used to it, but when it would be time for recess, she would do solo activities, such as swinging and playing on the playground. Because the little girl didn't play with the other kids, she was left out of social events like birthday parties and other play dates. 

She thought that something was wrong with her and that she didn't fit in with anyone else. As she grew up, she hoped that things would get better and she would have friends that would appreciate and accept her for who she was....

This little girl was me. I've been thinking about why I always have a need to be around people and why I like meeting new people and making friends and such. It's because I didn't have this experience in my childhood. I was lonely and didn't have any true friends. Once I actually did have real friends, I became so attached to them that I did everything I could to keep them from leaving. I always wanted to have someone to talk to and never wanted to feel "alone" again. Once I would get really close with someone and be able to talk to them about anything, I would kind of latch myself onto them and never want them to leave.

I've had a few different experiences with friends. I've had the friends who aren't really your friends, the friends that stab you in the back, the ones who decide they want to cut you out of their life forever, and the ones that you've gone back to so many times that you finally give up on them.

But I've also been blessed with friends that accept me for who I am, who I can't seem to stay mad at no matter what has happened between us, and the ones who I can't imagine my life without, These are the friends who I have grown the closest to as well as making me feel like I am never alone. I love them and want to continue to grow closer and be able to be there for them anyway I can.


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  1. I like that the story has a happy ending Little. I love you so much. I don't even know what else to say. You're just freaking awesome, and don't ever let anyone convince you otherwise. <3