Sunday, February 13, 2011

Giving it a Shot

I've always wanted to try to start a blog, but I wasn't really sure what to say. I am not the best with words, but I feel like it will at least help me to get my thoughts on paper, er I mean computer.
It all started when one of my sorority sisters decided that she wasn't happy anymore. She had thought about deactivation, then just transferring, and finally deactivating. It caused conflict between her and her sorority family, and I just so happened to be the little sister (sorority wise) of this friend. She was my "Big", my role model, my inspiration for this blog really. I understand that some things are not for everyone, although I am sad to see her go. I wanted to make sure she knew that I still cared about her, despite being brought together through something she no longer wants to take part in, and forget about.

But I didn't want her to forget about me.

For some odd reason, when I deal with conflicts similar to this one, I tend to try to distract myself from the situations with other things such as my video games, you tube videos, or silly pictures from
There are times when I feel like I have to fix things between people who are fighting about something. This is one of those situations when all you can do is talk to the people and tell them how much you love them. That's all. And another thing is to NOT blame yourself for the problem if it isn't yours. That will just make you feel worse.
Love to All,
Amanda <3