Monday, March 21, 2011

“You can gain a friend in a year but lose a friend in a minute.”

*Latios and Latias are Best Friends*
Ever since I came to college things have changed.

I was told by many people that once you graduate from high school that you won't continue being friends with your friends from high school. Or at least not as close....
Well when I left  I told myself that I wouldn't do that. I thought that I would always be as close as I was with my friends then.

Well now I am starting to see that actually happen.

Lately I have been experiencing an extremely tight bond with my friends in college, and in particular my sorority sisters. Because of them I have someone I can hang out with everyday and pretty much every hour. I have someone who I can talk to about pretty much anything. Within the two semesters I have been here I have collected so many memories, good and bad, with people I just met.

I have many memories with my friends back home as well, but I feel like none of them want to make the effort to actually come visit me. They say they will, but never actually do. This applies to many people, I am NOT targeting specific groups.

What I really want is for them to maybe plan one weekend where they can visit and just relax. They deserve a break, and I feel like I deserve some time with them away from home. Because of some activities, I cannot always go home every weekend to see them. Now it is their turn.

If any of the people I am talking about read this, I want you to know that this is not a note to attack you. I very much care about and LOVE you. I just want to stay friends, and I feel that I am drifting from you. So please take that into consideration.
Amanda <3

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