Wednesday, June 29, 2011

defining 'fren(d)-,ship "From friends of the heart, to friends of the moment. All can enrich our lives if we keep our expectations in line"

I have had many friends. Some of them I still see and hang out with frequently. Others I have become distant from and don't talk with as much as I used to. And some of them just weren't meant to be and we no longer speak. Friendships come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. Alot like ribbon actually. They both have different categories. Everyone has a group of close friends that would be categorized as the "inner circle." These are the friends you share most of your secrets with and who know almost everything about each other. It's important to have a group like this to support you and go to when you nee help. You truly are yourself around these people and you know you can trust them. They are your everything and without them you would feel lost. I know I would. It also can take a few different people to find your "inner circle". You have to make sure these are the people who make you happy and keep you happy. Although, your inner circle doesn't have to all be together, and they can also not even know each other that well. Apart from your closest friends, you have those occasional people who you know from church or school that you meet up for coffee, or go swimming, or just hang out to catch up with. Those people will usually talk to you about some things in your life, but their most private parts of their life, they usually save for their "inner circle." I am glad to have some of these people who I can still talk to and have a good time with. Another group of friends that I like to include has to do with sororites and fratenities. These people are the ones you have formed a group with and learn to disipline yourselves, as well as have a good time and take part in special rituals. These are the people you will have an opportunity to have a forever bond with and share memories about your days being Greek. Within this group is your what I like to call "fambly." These are you people withing your Greek tree. Your Big, Little, Grand Big, Grand Little, Twin, etc. These are the people who you spend time with and probably go to in times of need. I know that I really rely on my "fambly." They are my everything and my Big is my life. Phi Mu is my everything and because of it I got my "fambly." Throughout my life I have dealt with many friendships. Some are still alive and thriving. Others it was time to say good bye. And some I still keep in touch with, but dont't have that bond we used to. Regardless, I am very happy with my life and friendships I have now, and love every minute of it. <3
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  2. I love you too and can't wait to see you! :D

  3. I. Am SUCH. A girl. This made me feel all "warm and fuzzy" inside, and if you ever tell anyone I said that, I will steal your giraffe AND your loon, and hold them hostage in a dark room with no one to love them and you will never, ever find them again.

    Just sayin'...