Thursday, July 28, 2011

Give Me Something to Sing About <3

They say if you are feeling down you should either spend some time by yourself and reflect on your life, or talk to someone you trust about it. Well me being a people person, it was natural for me to want to talk with someone. That's hard when the people you want to talk to can't be with you or don't have time, but even worse when the only people you can talk to just make you feel worse. The people I want to talk to are either currently quite a distance from me, have strict parents who make sure they are home early, and those who are so busy they don't always have time to talk. Well that was my situation last night. My Big, Susie, and Kate all live almost 2 hours away and when my Big was trying to send me things over the internet to keep me occupied, my internet failed me and i have to wait until I'm somewhere with decent internet again. I got to see Sylvia a little bit last night when she was done with work, but her mom called her and made her go home at 8. Then there are the people who are always busy. Leigh has a good job now and has to work many evenings, so she can't do anything till around 11 at night. Eric has a very time consuming job where sometimes he has to get up really early, and then has to work in the evenings, so he goes to bed early.

There are few times I get to see my friends, but those are some of the best. I usually see Sylvia and Eric at Chuch on Sunday and sometimes we hang out afterwards. Those times are always interesting. And when we go back to college, I will be able to see my Big and Susie everyday if I can. However, I rarely get to see Kate because she isn't at school anymore, and Leigh, at least just by herself that is, because she is always with other people. Usually some really annoy me, so I can't really be around it all.

There are a few things that I am looking forward to though. Saturday is the Phi Mu picnic, where I will get to see my Big and other Phi Mus I miss. Sunday will be Church with Eric and Sylvia and then Burger King afterwards, always a good fun time. Monday Sylvia and I get to spend the whole day together driving to Virginia to pick up two cats, that will fun. And of course, in 22 days I will be back in college in my own room in our suite where I can be around people all the time.

That is when I will be able to be happy and have a song within my heart that I can sing <3

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  1. I approve this blog layout... A lot. I may actually consider stealing it, lol. As far as your blog, I love you very much, and I'll be back at school in, like, two weeks... Also, all we need is an internet connection love, so let me know when you'll be at a wifi place ahead of time, and I should be more effective at sending things. :-)

  2. well maybe I will go back sometime today, and then I can get Buffy-ness :)