Monday, September 5, 2011

"It's Not Aways Black and White, but Your Heart Always Knows What's Right"

You are black, I am white.
You are the darkness, I am the light.

 You fall down, but I pick you up.
If you had wound, I'd patch it up.

You are fire, I am water.
If you were a father, I'd be the mother.

If you go one way, I wont go the other.
The two of us are close, two birds of a feather.

When times get tough, I'll hold your hand.
I've been there with you, I understand.

If you were a pokemon, I'd choose you.
And I would already know, You'd pick me to.

 But it appears there's another, one who thinks they'll set you free.
Yet you seemed to be blinded, by the darkness you see.

This one is cold, but colder than me.
For the heart of theirs, is quite icy.

 Ice can't calm a fire, let alone tame it.
But water can control it, while keeping its flame lit.

 Darkness trying to light darkness, it a bad combination.
But light can cure darkness, and bring illumination.

If you could only see this, and weren't blinded by this "love".
Then you to could be like me, free as a dove.

So open your eyes, and before you think you're through.
I've been there this whole time, right next to you.

It doesn't matter, how hard you try to remove me.
I think you will agree, that I'm the one that will set you free.



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